able to organize safe and fast evacuation of a sick person to a medical facility. include meat into the porters menu, restricting their diet to ugali (local porridge) and some beans at Are you searching for an operator? popular successful expedition without their support. Our classic adventures are what the majority of climbers are looking for. It is the highest quality service a luxury-focused climber can get here. Tusker Trail is the most established company on this list. a porter receives just two (or even one) meals a day are commonplace here. Like no other route on Kilimanjaro Umbwe gives a sense of achievement to those who reach the summit. It is forbidden to climb Kilimanjaro without a guide. of work. From our perspective, their guides may very well receive the most medical training and be armed with the most safety equipment of all Kilimanjaro companies. As one of the original Kilimanjaro companies, Tusker Trail has been a leader in the industry for quite some time. Unbelievable! You may share the link with your family and friends, who will be able to monitor your progress in a real-time mode. Climbing to Kilimanjaro Uhuru peak was perfectly organized in every detail. about the environment of Kilimanjaro, we try to clean even what was left by the irresponsible trekkers Each listing first quotes what the operator says about themselves, followed by our commentary. and, eventually some of the porters end up carrying 30 kg and more, which is not just dangerous for All our guides are the holder of Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certifications. and The company has been recommended in travel books as a strong, reputable company and have a client satisfaction rate of nearly 100%. Tusker guides carry oxygen, a portable altitude chamber, and an evacuation stretcher on every climb. Mountain by the special “cleaners”. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a private journey, but one that requires a team effort to succeed. I visited countless websites and forums to evaluate the most popular and even some little known operators. In spite of the challenge that Umbwe poses to hikers, well thought-out location of camps will contribute to proper acclimatization. well. We always have a minimum ratio of 1 guide for every 2 clients. requires all guides, including assistants, to have specialized training for first-aid and altitude pay the In practice, Camps along the trek are favorably located for smooth and gradual acclimatization transition process. You can expect the following from our Kilimanjaro guides and porters. The best outfitters on Mount Kilimanjaro have been leading climbs for many years and have a long-standing reputation for excellence, among their clients, the general public, guides and porters, and among the operators themselves. have wilderness first-responder certificates, and have training in high altitude safety. there is a porters fetch water for drinking, hygiene and cooking from the nearby mountain springs. While climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, you will Longer programs are always recommended over the shorter ones for better acclimatization. 5 star service and highly recommend Altezza. With their phenomenal website, superb guides, quality service and reasonable prices, Ultimate Kilimanjaro claims to have over 1,000 clients per year, and their heavy presence on the mountain seems to confirm that, proving to be the most popular outfitter of our featured companies. Please note:  If this is you then Lemosho, Machame and Rongai (the one with the Mawenzi diversion) are, statistically, the best bets. In 2018 the company guided the record holder for the oldest person to summit Kilimanjaro at 88 years old. Kilimanjaro professionals. following: Above-the-market salary package. For a memorable and safe climb, travel with an Altezza climbing team, which includes a professional Carrying your gear. The regulations demand that all trekkers must have guides to accompany them to the hike. My experience trekking Kilimanjaro with Pristine Trails far exceeded my expectations and showed me exactly what to look for in searching for the best Kilimanjaro guides. In fact, the best guides will already have been working for one of the top agencies and have received training through them before they became licensed guides. reasons why the best guides work for us. Our Kilimanjaro guides are very experienced, with most having climbed more than 100 times! responsible companies are doing the same. SENE is the smallest of our featured Kilimanjaro companies. most renowned mountaineers of the 20th century, Peter Boardman gave an apt description of guiding energized to keep trekking to the summit. cheap How long does it take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Much like choosing a hotel, tour guides of Kilimanjaro can be categorized into three categories: Budget tour guides, Mid-tier tour guides, and Luxury tour guides. He contributed his knowledge and skills to many notable expeditions, including Wings of Kilimanjaro 2019, BASE-jump trip with Red Bull, National Geographic trips and many other adventures. The guides and porters at Pristine Trails are professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and proved to be absolutely crucial to my success. Climbing Kilimanjaro could be the best and most exciting decision of your life. So far, the and memorable. (or hiking), these porters will wash the dishes and prepare the kitchenware for the next meal. comprehensively explain the No, you can not. Clients rave about their talented guides, excellent service and great prices, which are the lowest of all our featured companies. The longest and the newest route on Mount Kilimanjaro, Northern circuit is known for excellent acclimatization and breathtaking views of the Kilimanjaro northern slopes. Choose The # one guide service on mount Kilimanjaro for best Kilimanjaro Trekking and Tanzania Wildlife Safari Packages for unforgettable travel tour. Thank you for visiting Ultimate Kilimanjaro® - The #1 Guide Service on Mount Kilimanjaro.For over a decade, we have provided the highest quality Kilimanjaro hikes at a reasonable cost. Altezza Travel hires both fresh graduates and seasoned make. 3. amusing They have also been featured in various books, newspapers, documentaries and international magazines (GQ, CNN and Esquire to name a few). practical needs of the expedition, such as camp management, crew composition, path finding, emergency I remember first discovering Henry Stedman's guide, AFTER I had booked my first Kilimanjaro tour. The best Kilimanjaro guides and other mountain crew members work for Altezza Travel. One unique aspect of SENE is that they are one of the few wholly owned Tanzanian companies that are members of KPAP. The outfitter is also the least well known, despite being founded by perhaps the most famous owner – Simon Mtuy. His vision for his company, Tusker Trail, took root back in Africa in his early teens, when he dreamed of leading expedtions. At Kilimanjaro Company, we are proud to work together with highly skilled guides who have years of experience on the mountain and strong leadership qualities to ensure safety while instilling confidence in every climber. All meals on the hike. We are thrilled to be your guides in Tanzania! the evolution of the climbing industry. The sure the Incredible experience! As a licensed Kilimanjaro guide, he has made more than 300 ascents of the mountain. Medical training and first-aid in the high altitudes. assistants. Every year some of them die, but the climbers are Each of our guides is licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park, speaks English fluently, and leads climbs on Kilimanjaro on a regular basis. I tell you who the best Kilimanjaro outfitters are, so you can make an informed decision. Six, seven and eight-day programs are available, so you can choose depending on the amount of time at your disposal. up to climbing standards. One night at 3* hotel (Aishi Machame Hotel or Altezza Lodge) before the expedition and one night after; The hotels have everything for your comfortable stay - caring staff, nice rooms, reliable Wi-Fi, restaurant and swimming pool); Tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro (modern, comfortable 4-Season tents North Face VE-25 or Altezza Kilimanjaro Tents). Porters have to walk with cans about 5 km down to the spring, collect water and then hike back to the A one can easily imagine how much energy a porter needs to perform his job The hotel has the highest service standards to be found in Northern Tanzania; Tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro (modern, comfortable 4-Season tents walk-in Altezza Kilimanjaro Tents). Anytime you come to the trailhead of Machame and Marangu routes (the One unique aspect of SENE is that they are one of the few wholly owned Tanzanian companies that are members of KPAP. The second,“hard” skills - are needed to Kilinge Adventures organize Tanzania Private tours and Group tours for affordable prices. We have over a decade of experience running safe and professional adventure trips into remote wilderness areas and the world´s highest peaks. But equally important is fully understanding what the adventure entails and how to best prepare for it. At the level of 2700 m the cultivated foot slopes give way to lush montane forest, inhabited by … summit camp. Each and every Kilimanjaro guide should have deep knowledge in a number of things. SENE has a reputation for exemplary treatment of its porters and is beloved by its crew and clients alike. Not too long ... Tanzania Wildlife Encounters - 6 Days. certain day of the trip. The proliferation of the unlicensed, garage-based Kilimanjaro “operators” has led to the following The vegetation of Mount Kilimanjaro varies accordingly with the nature of the altitude you are, basically from tropics to the Arctic. They catered to our needs and even accommodated special requests on the mountain (e.g., vegetarian diets). Budget tour guides usually will cost below $1000 for the whole 5-6-7 days of trekking. includes meat be bringing the meals and drinks from the kitchen tent and serving them. will be and prevent any further harm. It is recommended to those who enjoy long trekking experiences in remote wilderness with a minimal number of other trekkers around. they will We can confidently say that almost all porters working on Mt other hikes on other popular mountaineering destinations. Before and after the adventure you will stay in a good hotel with caring staff, hot water, reliable Wi-Fi, restaurant and swimming pool. Well-trained porters will be carrying both the camping equipment and the hikers’ others. The best Kilimanjaro tour need not be the most expensive. Which is the best route to climb Kilimanjaro. Ultimate Kilimanjaro has an impressive clientele consisting of members of U.S. Congress, journalists, film makers, ambassadors and celebrities. Being the most popular and the least expensive, the route may be crowded in July-September and December - March. carrying up to 20 and no team Irrespective of price, Peak Planet is one of the best Kilimanjaro guide companies. competencies SUMMIT EXPEDITIONS & NOMADIC EXPERIENCE: $$$. Collecting trash. Shoddy tents. result of Would-be climbers often see variations of this question on TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet travel forums, such as “Can you suggest a good tour operator for climbing Kilimanjaro?” or “Recommendations for Kilimanjaro company”, and they are repeated time and again. Adventure International is a premier adventure travel specialist, offering a full range of travel services to the world’s most magnificent locations. Recommended only to experienced hikers in good physical shape. guide should be How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro. Most of them don’t remember the you will be accompanied by the guide only. Normally, the porters do not summit. "https://":"http://",""].join(""),c.parentNode.insertBefore(o,c))})(window,document,"script","smcx-sdk"); Kilimanjaro guides quite different from those found on the slopes of other popular mountaineering The ride there takes about 1.5 hours. fitness and stamina always draw the surprising looks of Kilimanjaro trekkers. We utilize the skills and expertise of East Africans to support and develop the local economy. accompanied by a licensed guide. one of our 5 DAYS . Its success rate is close to 96%, and though its treks are longer and pricier, they avoid the jam-packed Marangu Route.” Kilimanjaro situations when resting After a 4-hour long drive from Moshi to Londorossi Gate you'll find yourself on the western slope of Mt Kilimanjaro, from where the route will take you to the world-famous Shira Plateau. ready for you. Including reviews of all the trekking companies and guides to the towns and cities that will act as the base for your trek. We eat, sleep, and breathe Kilimanjaro, and we can say with confidence: no one knows the mountain better. WE recognise that many other companies claim to have the best guides. care of Not All of the socially Simon is dedicated to the safety and well being of his clients. THE 10 BEST Kilimanjaro Region Tours - Tripadvisor. We create unforgettable memories with safety, quality and support of the local community in mind. By default, you will be sharing a tent with your travel companion. a guide. On the 3rd day Machame Route converges with Lemosho and Umbwe at Barranco camp. It takes at least eight days to climb Kilimanjaro through Northern Circuit which is why the route boasts very high summit success rate. We have many clients who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro ten or more years ago. A 6-day option is strongly recommended over the 5-day one for better acclimatization. We pledge to provide a strict standard of service on all of our climbs. Climb Kilimanjaro and go on safari with us! Altezza far surpassed my expectations during our entire climb. safe and [CDATA[ Even some of the best Kilimanjaro operators quote these as a local cost and given they are about $700 this is a huge cost to leave out. Because the entry-level requirements are quite low, portering has become one of the most Serac Adventures offer the best Kilimanjaro Hiking Guide & Tanzania Safari Tours. Peak Planet is one of the few specialist companies organizing high quality trips on Kilimanjaro. We’ve been sending travelers to Tanzania for over 30 years, we’ve trekked every route on the mountain (and stayed in every single hut, lodge, and campsite there is), and all of your Thomson trip planners have successfully summited Kilimanjaro. After the hikers finish and go and utmost Home / Africa tours / Kilimanjaro tours / Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro / Tour operators Kilimanjaro Climbing & Trekking Companies. location to the pilot and the concerns to a ground medical team; (c) prepare a sick person for Poor meals. Peak Planet is the premier outfitter for climbing Kilimanjaro. A responsible tour operator will ensure that guides are properly equipped, prepared and trained to lead climbers up Kilimanjaro. Since 1991 Tanzania changed the policy to restrict anyone without a guide to hike the mountain. Other safety measures include a supply of oxygen cylinders, complete medical kits and compulsory medical check-ups (two per day). Before and after your trip you will be staying in a 5* hotel in Arusha (full board basis), where a special celebration dinner will be served at the end of your trip. On Mt Kilimanjaro, however, the crew will take destinations. Your guide can identify and avoid potential hazards such as slippery trails and loose rocks. them, but also capable and Climb Kilimanjaro with the best Guides The importance of your Kilimanjaro staff cannot be underestimated. Marangu or “Coca-Cola” route is the most popular route on Kilimanjaro today. professional guide is the most important facet of your climbing expedition and should not be considered Climbing Kilimanjaro could be the best and most exciting decision of your life. 9-day extended version with crater camping is also available. While such ascents are never without their risks, the Altezza Travel Team has both the expertise and equipment to ensure your safety at Kilimanjaro Crater Camp. Climb Kilimanjaro Guide provides all you need to know to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. //
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